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Michael Anthony's Mobile Computer Services, Inc. (MAMCS) provides a personal solution to your personal and business computer and network problems. We provide timely, accurate computer services to both residential and commercial customers. MAMCS delivers our services right through your front door so that you can have your computer or network restored at the comfort of your own environment. We also offer a safe and secure connection to your system and we accomplish many tasks needed remotely. Our services include repairs and upgrades to your computer, laptop, network, and printer.

Healthy Computer

Our Healthy Computer Package offers a preventative maintenance contract for your computer’s health.  A technician will service your computer quarterly to ensure it is running optimally.

Healthy Computer is a preventative service only. No upgrades.

Package Features Include:

  • Your own professional technician
  • Fully protect business and residential computers
  • Weekly maintenance done automatically
  • Remote Access support
  • Preventative Services only
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No need to un-hook and lug your heavy computer to a remote store or ship it back to the manufacturer's warehouse and wait weeks for your system to be returned. Our technicians will come out and solve your computer needs right at your location. With our Healthy Computer and Healthy Computer Plus Service Plans, you get friendly technical computer support right at your doorstep or remotely. Our clients love the idea of knowing that when they have computer and network repair needs they can just set an appointment with our technicians and MAMCS will handle the rest.

Healthy Computer Plus 

Our Healthy Computer Plus Package is our most loved package. Our technicians are on call for you to upgrade, repair, and service your personal computer needs right through your front door. This service has helped create MAMCS to be the #1 company for computer support in America.

*All labor charges included
**Doesn't include needed parts

Package Features Include:

  • Professional Tech Support
  • Fully protects your computer or laptop online
  • Professional Techs available for dispatch
  • Remote Access support
  • Technician on call year-round
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MAMCS provides all the benefits of the Healthy Computer Service. If you have any problems with your system a highly qualified technician will be dispatched to your location in a timely manner

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