Q. What is Healthy Computer Service Plan?
A.  The Healthy Computer Service Plan is a preventative maintenance service with the goal of catching problems with your system before they happen. Your system is maintained automatically weekly to ensure it is running optimally. The plan provides the #1 rated antivirus and malware applications available today.  Your system will be monitored 24/7 by a highly qualified technician for alearts and it includes remote access support to help resolve issues that may come up in your home or office. You will want to purchase Healthy Computer before your system gets infected. Not only will you save money, you'll keep your personal or sensitive data safe all while we keeping your system Healthy and functioning properly.

Q. What is Healthy Computer Plus Service Plan?
A. The Healthy Computer Plus Service Plan provides all the benefits of the Healthy Computer Service Plan but includeds 4 home or office visits. If you have any problems with you system a highly qualified technician will be dispatched to your location in a timely manner. The only thing that will not be covered are any parts needed to repair your system. All labor fees are covered.  This is by far the most popular plan because it can save you hundreds of dollars in computer repair costs.

Q. What happens if you need a visit and do not have the Healthy Computer Plus Service Plan?
A. If you have the Healthy Computer Service Plan but need a visit to repair your system you will be charged the regular rate of a home or office visit.

Q. Does MAMCS offer just computer repair?
A. No. Our qualified technicians are able to handle any any IT problem from virus removal to setting up a home or office network, repairing printers and even installing Ring Security products. Prices are computed on a hourly basis. This could save you money if the repair takes less time than anticipated.

Q. What happens if I need my computer fixed and I don't have Healthy Computer or Healthy Computer Plus?
A. We will be happy to fix your computer to get it up and running again. At which point, you will be able to purchase the Healthy Computer or Healthy Computer Plus Service Plan to save yourself money in the future.

Q. Is a home/office visit or remote access better?
A. This choice is totally up to you. Our qualified technicians can perform the same service to your system in either case. However, you must still have an Internet connection to qualify for remote access.

Q. Do I have to pay the same price if I want additional computers under the Service Plans?
A. No. The Service Plans covers up to 3 devices for homes and offices and offers a negotiated rate for addtional devices in businesses.