Q. What is Healthy Computer?
A. Healthy Computer is a service contract between MAMCS and the customer. It's a preventative maintenance service with the goal of catching problems with your system before they happen. It also ensures your computer system is running optimally. Healthy Computer provides you with four (4) quarterly visits. You have the option of having a highly qualified technician come to your home or office, or we can securely connect to your system via remote access, whichever is more convenient for you. You will want to purchase Healthy Computer before your system gets infected. Not only will you save money, you'll keep your personal or sensitive data safe all while we keep your system Healthy and functioning properly.

Q. What is Healthy Computer Plus?
A. Healthy Computer Plus is a warranty contract between you and MAMCS. It gives you all the benefits of Healthy Computer, plus the added benefit of having a highly qualified computer technician available to you throughout the year. If you have any problems with you system, you will already be covered by your Healthy Computer plus warranty. The only thing that will not be covered are the hardware parts needed to repair your system. All labor fees are covered by the warranty. You literally will have your own tech support person on call. However, just like Healthy Computer, you must purchase Healthy Computer Plus before your system get infected.

Q. What happens if I have the Healthy Computer service contract and need help before the quarterly visit?
A. If you have the Healthy Computer service contract and need help prior to your scheduled quarterly visit. MAMCS can still send out a qualified technician to maintenance your system, however, you will be charged for a single service visit.

Q. Does MAMCS offer just computer repair?
A. No. Our qualified technicians are able to handle any desktop, laptop, network (wired/wireless) or printer issues you may have. Prices are computed on a hourly basis. This could save you money if the repair takes less time than anticipated.

Q. What happens if I need my computer fixed and I don't have Healthy Computer or Healthy Computer Plus?
A. We will be happy to fix your computer to get it up and running again. At which point, you will be able to purchase the Healthy Computer or Healthy Computer Plus Service Plan to save yourself money in the future.

Q. Is a home/office visit or remote access better?
A. This choice is totally up to you. Our qualified technicians can perform the same service to your system in either case. However, you must still have an Internet connection to qualify for remote access.

Q. Do I have to pay the same price if I want additional computers under the contracts?
A. No. You only have to pay half the price for each additional computer you want to add. A package rate will be provided if you have four or more computers.